Smart corporate uniforms make all the difference.Corporate Uniforms can help you create a positive image & the positive impact regardless of your business type – Staff Moral, Client recognition, a walking company advert.

Adelphi offer the complete solution for your corporate wardrobe.

Our Services include:

  1. Client meetings to understand your needs
  2. Dedicated personnel from sales to customer service – At each stage, from sales to customer service, specific personnel are allocated to your account. You will speak to someone who knows your requirements.
  3. Fit Sample Service. – To view a garment or for sizing speak to our team and they will be happy to assist. To view the full range – why not visit our showroom, At 18 Capital Rd, Malaga WA 6090
  4. Style Selection – Speak to one of our dedicated team members and we will be happy to assist you with the styles selection to incorporate into your uniform. Detailed records are maintained of your style selection. Order now, in 6 months or 12 months , until such time as we have been adviced of any change, we know what constitutes your uniform and will supply the same. Where styles or fabric have been discontinued you will be adviced and alternative options provided..
  5. Stock Service – Adelphi’s team has selected a variety of styles to fit various body shapes and best performing fabrics to create our stock service range. You will be amazed with the options available for your uniform range. The advantage here is the availability of contemporary and classic fit items over a shorter lead time. Style evaluation, introduction of new styles is’ an ever lasting process and we constantly listen to you (our clients). Adelphi annually reviews its styles and introduces new items subject to market demand.
  6. Customised Apparel & Fabric options – Let’s say you like one of our stock service lines, but would like it in a different colour or different fabric – can Adelphi manufacture these for you. Yes we can. Our team members will be delighted to show you further options in the fabric range and provide a competitive quote. Now, let’s say you want something different in style that Adelphi does not carry. Speak to our design team and they will be happy to assist (minimum’s apply).
  7. Customised Order Form – Once the style selection is complete, a customised order form is prepared and used for your team members fitting(s). This way you have the comfort and are assured that your team will be looked after and a uniform policy will be applied. Order now, in 6 months or 12months, we know what your uniform looks like.
  8. Embriodery – All we need is your Logo in a PDF format and any other information that you have applied to your logo.All Embroidery is proof sampled once commissioned.
  9. Wearer Packing– For ease of your distribution we can supply individually packed uniform for each employee. This enables quick deployment into the work place.
  10. Large Corporations, Government Agencies & Hotels – Adelphi can assist with concept development, design, fabric selection & manufacture (minimums apply).